Impact's Certified FedEx Safety Trainer Hub Is Your Ultimate Resource For Networking, Driver Management, & Support!

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Welcome FedEx Safety Trainers!

Impact Safety Trainer Program has created a hub for all your training needs:

– Forum To Chat With Other Certified FedEx Safety Trainers

– Driver Management

– Digital Safety Handbooks For Trainers & Drivers

– Training Module Access

– Downloadable New Hire Forms

What are the criteria a person must meet to be a FedEx Certified Trainer?

They must be DOT accident-free for a year and have one year of driving experience. For details, visit your FedEx My Ground Biz Account (MGBA).
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What are the available approaches for the FedEx Driver Qualification Certification?

A. Approach One – Send a qualifying person to the five-day Safety Trainer Program to become a Certified Trainer.
B. Approach Two – Have an approved vendor, such as Impact Safety Trainer Program, certify all drivers directly.
C. Approach Three – Request a Certified Trainer from another Service Provider to certify all drivers.
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What is the timeframe for completing FedEx Qualification Certification with all Drivers?

Check your message center on MGBA for specific contract dates. Messages began going out as early as March 1. There are multiple dates to be aware of, so look closely. If you have multiple Drivers or Trainers, they do not have to be trained at the same time.
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